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Please wear face coverings when in the Basin and not on your boat

From Canal and River Trust :-

Following the Government's announcement on 4 January 2021 of a national lockdown in England, we are updating our guidance. There is an ongoing lockdown in Wales.

All navigation in England and Wales should be limited to essential use only. Boaters who are not currently occupying their boat should not take short overnight breaks on their boat during the period. Those living aboard are advised to limit their navigation, moving only a minimal amount to access essential facilities or services when necessary. Please moor considerately.

Boat licence terms & conditions regarding moving every 14 days will be suspended until the restrictions come to an end. If you have any questions, please contact your licence support officer.




Please wear face coverings when in the Basin and not on your boat.

Toilets, showers and laundry are temporarily closed
The Cabin is closed

The shop is OPEN

Visiting boats will be asked to tie up outside the Basin for an overnight stay, only entering the Basin to use services

For the Attention of all Moorers at Hawne Basin and Members of Coombeswood Canal Trust
Update 7th January 2021

Firstly, Happy New Year one and all!

I am afraid there is no improvement in the Covid-19 situation. It is going to get worse before we see any improvement or relaxing of restrictions.

With the new strain of Covid-19 spreading so fast all over the country it is now more likely than ever that anyone entering the Basin could bring it with them (or indeed take it back home from the Basin).

Obviously the most effective way of ensuring that we do not bring the virus to (or from) the Basin is by not visiting the Basin!

We are in Lockdown, the government rules in the above link are clear, they do not define visits to your boat as essential travel, with a fine of £200 for a first offence. Residents at the Basin are keeping an eye out for any issues with moored boats.

We recently made it mandatory to wear face coverings when entering the Basin, including all outdoor areas. This action needs to be followed to ensure the safety of all. It is our responsibility to protect ourselves and each other.

If we all follow the rules, we stand a better chance of ensuring that we are all here to enjoy boating in summer 2021.

Richard Woodward - Chairman CCT


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