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Volunteer Scheme
(for moorers)

Coombeswood Canal Trust is a registered charity which imposes certain obligations on the Trust. These obligations have been satisfied in various ways and these are being added to by the introduction of a Volunteer Scheme (the Scheme) to involve our moorers in work which will be directly for the Trust, and / or for the Dudley No. 2 canal from Windmill End towards its end at Selly Oak.

The Scheme revolves around allocating and registering voluntary work which is rewarded (up to a limit) by a pro rata reduction in a Supplentary Moorinng Charge.

Full details are available here:

The Scheme explained

How the Scheme works

Report on the second year's activity

Here we are, approaching the end of our second year of the scheme. And what a good year it has been.
A tremendous amount of good work has been done around the Basin, both throughout the year and during the maintenance weekend. The amount of painting, gardening and general work that has gone on has been wonderful. Thank you to all who have participated.
The site looked fabulous for the open weekend, but it wasn't only the looks that had changed! The level of camaraderie and working togetherness was commented on, not only by our own members, but by stall holders and general public.
I signed in 76 volunteers and over 800 hrs were logged over the weekend itself - not including all the peripheral hours that were put in on the organising etc.
The aim of the Volunteer Hours Scheme was always to encourage moorers to become part of the community and take ownership of the Basin. I think we have travelled a fair way down that road. Well done everyone.
The next year of the scheme commences 1st July with the same requirement of 20 hours or £200. Please make sure you have logged your hours on your boat sheets for this year, as only hours logged qualify.

Sheila Campbell
Volunteer Coordinator

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Naturally any member of the Trust who is not a moorer and who wishes to be involved in any of our projects will be welcomed with open arms.


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