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Volunteer Scheme

• For the year 2015/16 ONLY (due to it being introduced from August 1st not July 1st) the scheme will be based on a Supplementary Mooring Charge of £150. Moorers can reduce this Charge by working as a volunteer on various tasks/jobs. Each and every hour worked, up to the maximum of 15, will have a value of £10, and, therefore the Charge can be partially reduced or reduced to zero. It is anticipated that the full year charge of £200 based on 20 hours will be in place for the year 2016/17.

• The scheme will apply to each boat for which mooring fees are paid and the boat owners/crew members will be able to earn hours as set out below. Hours are not transferable from one moorer to another and ‘surplus’ hours which are over that required under the scheme cannot be carried over from one year to the next year.

• One aim of the scheme is to encourage greater involvement in the 'life' of the Trust therefore one hour will be awarded for each social event ( social club organised, for example, St Patrick's night etc) attended by a moorer up to a maximum of three in any one year. For example if a moorer and family attended two such events they would enter two hours on the record sheet against the 'target' of fifteen hours in total. They can only claim one hour per event irrespective of how many family or friends were with them.

• Each boat will have a ‘boat record sheet’ kept in the Cabin (and also it is hoped for electronic completion). It will be the sole responsibility of the moorer to record the detail of tasks/jobs carried out and hours claimed. • Only the ‘qualifying’ hours are to be entered on to the Boat Record Sheet.

• Tasks will be identified and allocated by Section Co-ordinators with Sheila Campbell as Overall Volunteer Co-ordinator to act as the bridge between the volunteer and Section Co-ordinator. The Section Co-ordinators will be responsible for reviewing/monitoring the record sheets and querying them with the person concerned as needed. • Section Co-ordinators will be those who have particular responsibility for certain areas of activity. For example, shop, bar, slipway, admin work and kitchen where a relatively small ‘team’ of volunteers is needed (and training given) as well as gardening, maintenance, and other such activities where volunteer opportunities will be available for a wider group of people.

• Tasks/jobs will be ‘advertised’ on a white board situated in the Cabin including details of working parties and contact information for the respective Section Co-ordinators. These will also be emailed to all members of the Trust so as to give everyone timely notice of tasks/jobs in ‘the offing’. With some degree of first come first served care will be needed to ‘share out’ volunteer tasks fairly and to ‘hold back’ sedentary jobs for the less physically able.

• A degree of self policing will help to ensure that all volunteers work the hours claimed as efficiently as they are able. Jobs will not have to be signed off as such although monitoring will need to take place to reduce any abuse of the system and the trust placed on individuals.

• It is not expected that attendance at meetings of the Governing Council, Social Committee and Company meetings will attract ‘volunteer scheme’ hours. Work outside of these meetings as a properly authorised result of such meetings will be.

• Health and Safety Procedures will be reviewed/established as appropriate for volunteer activity.

• As noted above Training opportunities will be provided where areas of activity/tasks require them.

• The Scheme will be subject to ongoing review and amendments as experience of its implementation require. A Volunteer Scheme Review Group will be set up to formally undertake, on a quarterly basis, the review and monitoring of the scheme. It is anticipated that there will be circumstances where there will be a need to introduce changes between the quarterly meetings therefore ad hoc meetings will be convened to agree and authorise these.

• At the end of the ‘mooring year’ a calculation will be made against each boat as to whether all, a part or none of the Supplementary Mooring Charge will be required. Along with the annual Mooring fee invoice a separate Invoice for the scheme will be issued as appropriate.

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