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Volunteer Scheme

Guidance Notes for the identification, allocation and monitoring of volunteer tasks

The Scheme will look to identify and allocate jobs/tasks according to the potential volunteer’s wishes and skills alongside the availability of jobs to be done. No one will be obliged to undertake a particular task with every effort being made to accommodate the individual’s needs and preferences.

The Scheme will be managed on a day to day basis with the assistance of an ‘Overall Volunteer Scheme Co-ordinator’ and ‘Section Co-ordinators’, it will be through them that tasks will be identified and subsequently allocated to the volunteer concerned. The roles of the Co-ordinators are set out below.

(1) The Role of the ‘Overall Volunteer Scheme Co-ordinator

Sheila Campbell on N/B Fairfa has agreed to act in the capacity of Overall Volunteer Co-ordinator for the Scheme. Sheila’s role is to act as a link or ‘clearing house’ between those looking to volunteer and those as ‘Section Co-ordinators’ (see below) who are looking for volunteers to assist within their area of responsibility.

Sheila (or others to whom she may delegate) will obtain details from the potential volunteer as to areas in which they would like to offer their services and will liaise with the Section Co-ordinator(s) concerned. There will be a two way link between the Scheme Co-ordinator and the Section Co-ordinators in allocating tasks/jobs and in monitoring the work being done as may be necessary.

Essentially the scheme will rely on the integrity of all involved and as such tasks will not have to be ‘signed off’ when completed, with volunteers left to enter into their record sheet the number of hours they are ‘claiming’ for the job concerned. There will however be a certain degree of monitoring taking place and where necessary the Section Co-ordinator will need to clarify/confirm the hours claimed for any one particular task.

(2) The Role of ‘Section Co-ordinators’

Section Co-ordinators are responsible for helping to identify tasks within their own ‘section’ that are appropriate for volunteers to carry out, to ‘advertise’ them using amongst other means a ‘white board’ which it is planned will be set up in the Cabin, and thence to link potential volunteers with the jobs/tasks concerned. Where necessary they will arrange for whatever training or instruction may be given according to the task in question. For e.g Food Hygiene Certification and use of the Computer/Till in the Shop

The Section Co-ordinators will in conjunction with the Volunteer Scheme Co-ordinator look to ‘match up’ volunteers with tasks and will oversee these as may be required. They will endeavour to provide assistance and support to the volunteer as required.

At present the range of volunteer opportunities is for maintenance around the basin, work parties, working within the shop, the bar, catering at weekends and Social Club events, gardening, slipway duties and office/admin tasks. A Section Coordinator being responsible for each area.

(3) The Process of Volunteering under the Scheme

The potential volunteer should approach either Sheila, in her capacity of Overall Co-ordinator OR, in her absence one of the Section Co-ordinators to offer their services.

Dependent upon the jobs/tasks they wish to undertake the appropriate Co-ordinator will look to allocate the task and provide any training/supervision as may be needed.

Once completed the volunteer will need to enter the hours ‘claimed’ in their Boat record Sheet which will be kept in a folder in the Cabin. Only those hours claimed under the Scheme should be entered here, any additional hours should be recorded in the Volunteer Book (again in the Cabin) as before. Hours cannot be carried forward from one year to the next or a moorer undertaking work on another’s behalf.

As needed Section Co-ordinators will forward to all moorers (copies to other Co-ordinators) via Sheila Campbell, an updated list of jobs and/or particular projects for which assistance is required.

Not all tasks/jobs will be covered under the various headings or types of jobs allocated by Section Coordinators as from time to time the assistance of volunteers may be needed in other areas. For example small ‘construction’ work such as the ‘new’ door and accompanying ramp at the side of the Cabin and, more recently the emergency remedial work to the slipway where assistance at short notice was needed.

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