Association of Waterways Cruising Clubs

Coombeswood Canal Trust is member organisation of the Association of Waterway Cruising Clubs (AWCC). Direct membership is not available to individuals, but membership of Coombeswood Canal Trust provides a form of "affiliated" membership of the AWCC. To make use the available benefits you will need to obtain a card from either the AWCC representative or our Office. You can also obtain an AWCC Handbook, from the shop, giving the location and contact details of all of the member clubs.

The following notes are from the AWCC website:

"For clubs, membership provides access to the expertise and shared experience of both the national AWCC officers and members and officers of other member clubs. In particular, the AWCC has experienced officers who can represent the interests of member clubs, either individually or collectively, with other organisations and government departments, including the Canal & Rivers Trust, and the Environment Agency. The AWCC have officers who sit on a number of national waterways advisory bodies, and can thus represent the interests of member clubs in those forums."

"For individual club members, the AWCC offers reciprocal arrangements with other member clubs, including emergency help whilst out cruising, access to temporary moorings for overnight or longer stays, as well as use of other facilities and clubhouse access. Clearly these facilities will depend on what each club is able to offer, and each club is free to determine their own rules and charges for use of the facilities. Members of AWCC clubs have access to contact details for each club to make arrangements before visiting other member clubs."

Use this link to visit the AWCC website for more information: Go to the AWCC web site