Local Canals

In 1981 Netherton Tunnel was still closed, only the adventurous made it to the Basin.

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In 1988, before the slipway was built, boats were craned out in batches for maintenance.

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A snippet of our 2001 BCN 24h Challenge journey - which we won.

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Black Country Boating Festival 2001

(1 minute 59 seconds)

Slide show of Atlas and Malus, the heritage boats which are kept at Hawne Basin

(53 seconds)

A drone's view of Windmill End 24th July 2017

(3 minutes 21 seconds)

Activity at the Basin - a video made by visitors

(19 minutes 8 seconds)

A journey from Hawne Basin to Birmingham by one of our moorers

(32 minutes 31 seconds)