Sunday Lunches 2023/2024

Members' Sunday lunches resume in The Cabin from Sunday October 8th at 12:30, through to April next year.

We have finally managed to fill the huge gap Avril left and are very happy to announce that we have a small but beautifully formed team of volunteers who are keen to feed you.

We are painfully aware of the horrendous increase in food prices and we have set the price this year at £6 for a two course meal. We are hopeful that we can create delicious meals for you as we only need to make a small profit to cover costs and this should work.

To avoid menu fatigue and to ensure we cook what you will enjoy please let us have any suggestions you may have. We can’t guarantee we will cook all of your ideas but it will be very helpful for us.

All we need is to know who wants Sunday lunch.

Bookings can be made in the usual way by filling in The Book in the cabin or if you’re not local use this email form to let us know - we don’t deliver!