Open Weekends from previous years

Video filmed on 12th May 2019 by John Harvey.   Barry Smith from The Black Country Accordion Club is entertaining the visitors.

(2 minutes 31 seconds)

They did it again - the band of dedicated workers produced another success story!

(23 minutes 27 seconds)

A video shot in 2015 on the Saturday by Dave Holden

(4 minutes 30 seconds)

Also shot in 2015 by Peter Wilcox
Using a hand held camera on a walk around the Basin on Sunday
plus the boat trip through Go(r)sty Hill tunnel and back.

(26 minutes 48 seconds

Warning: No editing - you get all the warts as well!

Shot in 2013 by Dave Holden

(5 minutes 41 seconds)

Shot in 2011 by Unknown

(1 minute 44 seconds)